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Every country has a certain amount of natural beauty to boast about. New Zealand just happens to have more, lots more.

When you're given something so precious, you want to look after it. New Zealanders feel a special connection with the land that is reflected in a great sense of guardianship. It's also displayed in a deep-seated need to get out and engage with the outdoors. So there are lots of ways to experience New Zealand's beauty other than just sightseeing.


The legislation that goves New Zealand's education system including Education Act Amendments, the National Administration Guidelines, Nation Education Guidelines, and National Education Goals, the Educational Institution Profile Codebook provides details on each field on EDUMIS Profiles.


New Zealanders value a strong multicultural society, with 89% agreeing that it is a good thing for society to be made up of people from different races, religions and cultures. The Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research's (CACR) research findings suggest a more optimistic future for multiculturalism in contrast to the highly emotive and largely implausible suggestion that New Zealand's Constitutional Review in 2012 could result in the implementation of sharia law and polygamy.

Major cities-

  • Auckland
  • Wellington
  • Dunedin
  • Christchurch


Markets for New Zealand's agricultural exports have diversified greatly since the 1970s, with once-dominant exports of wool being overtaken by dairy products, meat, and recently wine.


Information and communication technologies

Food and beverages

Specialized manufacturing


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