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There is no other place in the world that blends East and West, tradition and modeity, quite like Singapore. The cosmopolitan high life weaves seamlessly into the island's multiracial and multicultural tapestry. Old colonial buildings provide a peek into the past, while brilliantly fashioned skyscrapers point to a city-state that is constantly on fast-forward. Singapore shines with a"can-do" energy that is characteristic of a young, bold and dynamic nation. With the myriad of experiences and opportunities it offers, Singapore is the place to be.

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Singapore enjoys a great location in the heart of Southeast Asia that makes it an excellent entry point to the region. As a cultural melting pot, Singapore are also a natural stepping stone to a richly-diverse Asia, and the bridge that connects media industry players from all around the world.


Singapore has a free market economy, with a low inflation rate, stable prices, and a high per capital GDP, all thanks to its highly developed infrastructure, transparent legal system and educated workforce. The economy was traditionally driven by its strengths in electronics and manufacturing, oil refining and distribution, and shipbuilding and repair. Today, it is increasingly fuelled by its growing services sector.


Singapore is a secular country, but acts as a home for Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists and many other religious groups.


Singapore's economy is in many sectors relatively open to inteational trade, and its port counts among the largest in the world.

Overview of the EU's competitiveness policy, including the Global Europe strategy.

Singapore is the EU's 13th largest trading partner (trade in goods) and the EU's largest trading partner in the Association of South-East Nations.

EU-Singapore trade in goods grew by some 40% between 2009 and 2011. In the same period, trade in services has grown by 41%.

Singapore is a major destination for European investments in Asia. Singapore is also Asia's second largest investor in the EU (after Japan). In 2010, the existing stock of bilateral investment between the EU and Singapore reached ? 190 billion, having expanded rapidly over the past years.

The Singapore economy grew by 4.9% in 2011.

CPI inflation is expected to average between 2.5-3.5% in 2012 owing to higher costs ofaccommodationand private road transport.


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